Piping of Bloomfield Stream – 15th June 1912

Piping of Bloomfield Stream

Important Scheme to Prevent Overflowing

We have received the following letter from Councillor C. H. Hacker:–

to the Editor of the “Bath Chronicle.”

Sir,–The report and recommendations of the Sanitary Comittee having been approved and adopted without discussion at Tuesday’s meeting of the City Council, it will not be generally known, except through the facilities which are so readily given in your columns, that a scheme of far-reachng importance to the residents in Bloomfield and Third Avenues, Beckhampton, Livingstone and Moorland Roads was included therein, and is therefore within reasonable distance of accomplishment. I refer to the scheme which deals with the watercourses known as the Bloomfield and Moorfield streams. These streams on every occasion of a rainfall of any severity overflow their banks, and cause flooding in the houses and gardens of the districts mentioned. The inconvenience and annoyance to the occupiers of these houses can be readily imagined, and has often been expressed in the form of memorials, and through the representatives of the ward on many occasions.

The scheme prepared by the City Surveyor provides, at a most reasonable expenditure, for the piping of the whole of the streams from Crandale Road, Oldfield Road, to the rear of Elm Place, Wellsway; it provides for the flushing of the sewers of the low-lying district; includes the construction of a double chamber at Maple Grove for arresting silt and debris; a large chamber and catchpit at the end of Second Avenue; a flushing chamber for the sewer in the south end of Third Avenue by Durley Park, and a flushing chamber near the lower end of King Edward Road; the total cost is estimated at £1,148, and if facilities are given by the owners and occupiers and no compensation demanded (and one can only anticipate these being readily granted), the work will speedily be taken in hand; it will be undertaken in sections commencing at Crandale Road, and will be spread over a period of three years.

Ratepayers and residents in that part of Oldfield Ward will, I feel sure, be grateful that at last something has been attempted, and will anticipate something being done. On their behalf I think the Council for having so favourably received the proposals and so readily admitting the reasonableness of the demands.

Bath Chronicle
15 June 1912

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